Beware of Ting Ting Xu

When I joined the HFPA in 2010, I noticed that it had only one Chinese member and one white Subsaharan African. So I decided to recruit more African and Chinese members.

On March, 5th 2014, I received a call from a woman named Ting Ting. She introduced herself as a Chinese journalist and asked me to sponsor her. I agreed to meet her the following day in order to go through her clippings before I recommend her to the membership.

She came to my place to pick me up. She brought with her a bottle of red wine. I refused to accept it but she insisted, saying that it was a Chinese custom. We drove to an Italian restaurant, where she showed me her clippings and talked about her career. I was impressed and agreed to be her sponsor.

Upon returning home, I wrote a letter to the HFPA recommending her for membership. I instantly received a warning message from members, who described Ting Ting as a fake journalist and self-promoting narcissist. I rejected all their claims and defended Ting Ting, attracting more attacks on myself from the membership.

A month into campaigning for her, a member told me that there was a rumor in the HFPA that “I was sponsoring her because I wanted to sleep with her”. I was so upset that I stopped campaigning for her. Unfortunately, just like in the movies,  there’s a prevailing prejudice in Hollywood -and the HFPA-   that Middle Eastern men think with their male organs rather than their brains. In fact, I didn’t let Ting Ting come to my place even when she offered “to come and take care of me when I was ill”.

When she was not voted into the HFPA, I called her to relay the news and warned her of the HFPA’s pernicious rumor. She said that “she had known about it and laughed it out”. I was disheartened that she had not shared this information with me and that’s when I decided not to sponsor her again. I told her to find a white member to sponsor her.  The following year, no one agreed to sponsor her. She tried again the following year, and a white member did. She was voted in May 2016. Thereafter, she thanked me profusely for my support in a text and invited me out to celebrate.

We remained friendly as she became a member of the HFPA, until I agreed to sponsor more Chinese members. She turned aggressive and started a malicious campaign against the Chinese applicants, claiming that they would hurt her livelihood. And it seems that her vengeance against me hadn’t died out.

She went to The Wrap’s Sharon Waxman, who wouldn’t miss an opportunity to spread falsities, and fabricated new lies about me, falsely claiming that I had told her about the rumor after she became a member, and she changed it to “I sponsored her because she gave me a blowjob,” adding that only I spoke like that, although I didn’t author the rumor. She also claimed that she didn’t know how to react and just walked away, which is completely uncharacteristic of her.

Following the HFPA crisis last year, Ting Ting resigned from the HFPA in July 2021, after failing gain a position in a committee, and went on a press tour accusing HFPA of corruption and claiming that members were blocking new applications from entering the association. Chinese applicants, who were blocked by her, were quick to condemn her. 

One of her Chinese victims gave up on a career in Hollywood and returned to China. Others are still so traumated by her behaviour, that are refusing to get anywhere near the HFPA, even when the HFPA invited them last year to join. In fact, the HFPA still has the same Chinese member that it did when I joined the HFPA. She has destroyed my project and turned my life into a living hell.