Husam (Also known as Sam) is the producer and presenter of BBC Cinematic at BBC Arabic TV. He also writes a weekly column for  the London-based Pan Arab daily “Al Quds Al Arabi” and often comments on Hollywood and cinema on major outlets such as Al Jazeera news and The Guardian newspaper.

Asi has just secured funding to produce Hollywood epics about Arab and Muslim history and culture via his new production company, Resala. The company will utilize talent from ethnic minorities for its productions.

In 1999, Asi founded the UK film network ukscreen.com, and from 2010-2022 he was a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which votes for the Golden Globe awards. He holds a BSc in Physics, MSc in Medical Sciences and a PhD in Visual Neuroscience. His scientific work was published in prestigious periodicals.

Asi is also a philanthropist. Over the last ten years, he has sponsored cancer treatment for children in the West Bank and Gaza. In 2020, he founded a kindergarten for Syrian and Palestinian refugees at the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon.

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