ODEON Hatfield Goes Digital

ODEON Hatfield Goes Digital
Bell Theatre Services installs First DCI Compliant Digital Multiplex
Hatfield, 9 February 2007 – Bell Theatre Services today announced the digital conversion of the 9 screen multiplex at ODEON, Hatfield. The equipment, which has been installed and maintained by Bell Theatre Services, is the first DCI compliant fully digital multiplex in Europe, along with the second Odeon test site at Surrey Quays.
ODEON & UCI cinemas is using this site as part of a digital cinema test. Having the cinema fully digital will enable ODEON to thoroughly appraise the entire process, from receiving the film, through playback, to the security elements of digital cinema. Odeon is also planning on using this project to gather customer feedback.
Max Bell, Managing Director, Bell Theatre Services, commented: “We are delighted to be involved with this project. It is a real leap forward for digital cinema and an exciting time for the industry.”
Bell Theatre Services has equipped all nine screens with an NEC NC2500 digital projector and a Kodak digital cinema server. As well as this, ODEON projectionists have been getting training from Bell Theatre Services at their fully-equipped 35 seat training facility in Borehamwood, to prepare them for the launch of this digital multiplex. A full working system was prepared with identical equipment to that on site for this training.
Rupert Gavin, CEO ODEON and UCI cinemas said, “Despite having digital technology for some time, this will be the first time we’ve seen whole cinemas going digital on this scale in Europe. This is an invaluable step if we are to make digital a reality for all our cinemas and deliver the economic benefits.”

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