Young filmmakers hail the death of cinema and DVD

Young filmmakers hail the death of cinema and DVD
Tomorrow’s filmmakers predict a shift to online film distribution
London, 10 July: New research released today by Vividas, the provider of full-screen video streaming technology, finds that 83 per cent of the next generation of filmmakers expect most film distribution to be online. The survey ran alongside the Cinema2020 competition for amateur filmmakers, which also announces the winner today as Geoffrey Taylor with his film Isabella.
The Cinema2020 survey results find that only 14 per cent of respondents feel that cinema will maintain its mantle at the forefront of film viewing, and the decline of the DVD is evident with only 3 per cent seeing this as a likely way to view film in the future.
Heath Tyldesley, Director of Interactive Marketing for Paramount Pictures International and part of the prestigious panel of judges* for Cinema2020, notes: “In today’s multi channel media landscape, it’s essential to keep monitoring how film and entertainment media is being consumed. The demand of the customer and growth of interactive infrastructures is encouraging a shift toward digital delivery and easy access to personalised content.”
The challenges facing those entering a career in film were also addressed in the survey, with 63 per cent of respondents feeling that lack of funding would be the main obstacle in their career. A further 23 per cent felt that piracy would be the next most challenging aspect.
Commenting on these results, Andrew Wilding, European MD of Vividas, says: “Innovators in the film industry are seeing online distribution as the obvious option for the future. With Vividas technology, it is easy to make available online cinema quality film without the need to download software, buy expensive hardware or have a large internet connection.
“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the key film producers of tomorrow, and to help them monetise their content and further their careers through the use of our technology.”
Today’s winner of the Cinema2020 competition, Geoffrey Taylor, said: “Gaining funding in such a competitive industry is a major factor in considering a career in film. But it is important to remember that interesting films can be made on a small budget – I made Isabella with less than £900. I am overwhelmed to have won this award and am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work to such an influential board of judges.”
The Cinema2020 competition was aimed specifically at amateur filmmakers and film students, all making films on low budgets. Geoffrey Taylor’s film Isabella stood out to the judges with its use of dance to tell the story without dialogue, and the incorporation of movement and music throughout the film.
Geoffrey wins the streaming of his film over the internet by Vividas, a post production session at Pinewood Studios, his film shown on Propeller TV and tickets to a Paramount film premier.
* The competition was judged by: Nick Powell, Director of the National Film and TV School, Bruce Everett, Group Director of Post Production at Pinewood Studios and Heath Tyldesley, Director of New Media Marketing for Paramount Pictures International.

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