First Winners Announced in Monthly Awards Scheme

First Winners Announced in Monthly Awards Scheme
ICEWHOLE.COM has just announced the first winners in the monthly awards scheme for November 2007, as decided by their Independent Judging Panel.
Nadia Attia wins 400 in the Best Film Award category,for a film under five minutes with her short film TEASE. Nadia, who describes herself as an up and coming director with a slightly twisted vision of the world, graduated from Bournemouth University with a First Class Honours degree. “I am so pleased to have won one of the first awards through and even more so when I see the list of fantastic judges. It is great to have a resource such as this; and to be acknowledged for your work and to get cash for it is amazing.”
James Cooper is the recipient of 600 for winning the Best Film of 5 – 10 minutes with his comedy SPEECHLESS, which James describes as a ‘quirky comment on disaffected youth and how mobile phone texting has ruined the art of conversation.’ He says: “I am over the moon at being one of the first Icewhole winners. This is my first proper attempt at film-making, it has boosted my confidence and is the perfect incentive to keep going. Now I can’t wait to start on the next one!”
Daniel Simpson won 1500 in the category Best Film over 10 Minutes for his compellingly spooky tale THE UNINVITED. “I’m thrilled to have won this first icewhole award for ‘The Uninvited’. “Well done to the crew, and to Icewhole for their dedication to the wonderful medium that is the short film format”, says Daniel.
Simpson began making films at the age of eleven. He gained a film degree at St Martins School of Art, then set up Luxor Films and made the 26 minute stop-motion animation ‘h’ (also on Icewhole) which won several awards on the international film festival circuit. ‘The Uninvited’ followed, shot on 35mm. Daniel is now working on his first feature film called ‘Born’, which has attracted the attention of leading Hollywood producers.
Matt Bloom wins 500 in the Most Viewed Film category with his story THE DIVORCE. Matt, a graduate of the Newport Film School, also recently one the Royal Television Society Best Drama Award for the film ‘On the Out’ and was recently mentored by Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann. recently announced their first partnership deal with film heavyweight Pearl & Dean who will showcase two of the winning films, Nadia Attia’s TEASE and Matt Bloom’s THE DIVORCE in at least 100 screens across the country in February.

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