Dutch Van Gogh film is released on DVD

The Sixth Of May is a thrilling political conspiracy drama centred around the Dutch government and fraudulent Americans. From controversial director Theo Van Gogh, murdered on the streets of Amsterdam for his portrayal of abused Muslim women in 2004, comes this gripping drama.
On 6 May 2002 extreme right wing Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated.
The Sixth Of May is a fictional account of a true assassination. The conspiracy unfolds as photographer Jim de Booey (Thijs Romer), whilst innocently photographing a low rent celebrity, encounters something suspicious at the murder scene. As Jim investigates further he becomes embroiled in a shady plot. Conspiracy theories concerning the Dutch government develop and it soon becomes apparent that his life and the life of his 16-year-old daughter, Marije, lie in the hands of Ayse Him, a young Turkish woman who may hold all the answers.
This compelling, masterfully shot and beautifully edited film is now available on DVD.
Theo Van Gogh was himself murdered on 2 November 2004 just two months after his controversial short film Submission, about the abuse of women in Islamic environments, was aired on Dutch national television. Prior to his death, he was critically acclaimed and won several awards for his inspiring films which included Luger (1982), Blind Date (1996) and Cool (2004).

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