Connections commnications centre suppors new talent

Connections Communications Centre, the charity that uses film, TV media and
leadership skills to give new opportunities to young people is celebrating their 25th
anniversary. For the past 25 years Connections has supported excluded teenagers
to emerging directors. Through excellence and innovation in education and career
development they have give those with a story to tell the medium to deliver.
To mark the 25th anniversary, Connections is launching a new bursary scheme
offering companies the opportunity to contribute to the scheme whilst accessing the
energy, creativity and drive of talented young individuals. These bursaries are
creating the facility for young people to develop their technical and professional
skills into marketable products. Companies can choose from a range of bursaries,
with film content ranging from relevant contemporary issues and corporate social
responsibility initiatives. The bursaries will result in broadcast quality films created by
those who would not otherwise have had the opportunity.
In the past two years, Connections has supported over 400 young people with
structured video camera editing and music technology training. Over 80 of
trainees come from Black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds. Nearly all of the
young learners are at risk of exclusion or are not in any other education, training or
Jackie Davis says “Connections currently has a client base of
over 160 small west London creative business networks, we are keen to expand this
network to increase the number of young people we can help. Through our bursary
programme we hope to engage companies looking to expand their corporate
responsibility programmes into their advertising programme by using our young
people to build their products.”
For further information of the bursary packages, please contact Jacqueline Davis on
020 8735 6015.

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