Eurimages supports 10 European co-productions

Eurimages supports 10 European co-productions
Strasbourg, 05.03.2008 – At its 109th meeting, held from 2 to 4 March 2008 in Strasbourg, the Board of Management of the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund agreed to support the co-production of 10 feature films for a total amount of 3 570 000 Euros:
3 Sezony V Pekle – Tomas Masin (Czech Republic)
(Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia)
EEP – Rita Horst (Netherlands) Animation film for children
(Netherlands, Belgium)
Europolis, The Town of the Delta – Kostadin Bonev (Bulgaria) Documentary
(Bulgaria, Austria)
Forgotten Space – Allan Sekula (United States), Noel Burch (France) Documentary
(Netherlands, Austria)
Fragments of Grace – Peter Brosens (Belgium), Jessica Woodworth (United States) (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands)
I Cuccioli e il Codice di Marco Polo – Sergio Manfio (Italy) Animation film
(Italy, Spain)
Katanga, Mineral Business – Thierry Michel (Belgium) Documentary
(Belgium, France)
La régate – Bernard Bellefroid (Belgium)
(Belgium, Luxembourg, France)
Triage – Danis Tanovic (Belgium – Bosnia and Herzegovina)
(Ireland, France, Spain)
Vincere – Marco Bellocchio (Italy)
(Italy, France)
Support was awarded to the following distributors:
* Eurimages Films:
Voleurs de Chevaux – Micha Wald (Belgium)
Distributed by ART ZONE (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
C’est Gradiva qui vous appelle – Alain Robbe-Grillet (France)
Distributed by F.I.S.T. (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Distributed by BALKAN FILM (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Warchild – The Missing – Christian Wagner (Germany)
Distributed by HEFT PRODUCTION (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Distributed by EURO FILM DOOEL (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Fados – Carlos Saura (Spain) Documentary
Distributed by OSKAR FILM (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Un Secret – Claude Miller (France)
Distributed by FVD (Croatia)
Love fair (Gucha) – Dusan Milic (Serbia)
Distributed by ANJOU-LAFAYETTE BT (Hungary)
Distributed by CHICAGO TOUR SRL (Romania)
Takva – Ozer Kiziltan (Turkey)
Distributed by CIRKO FILM – MASKEPP FOUNDATION (Hungary)
Distributed by S.C. GRAFITTI ART 2005 (Romania)
Karaula – Rajko Grlic (Croatia)
Distributed by VIVARTO SP. ZOO (Poland)
Senki (Bones) – Milcho Manchevski (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
Distributed by ASOCIATA MOEBIUS (Romania)
Distributed by TUCK VISION (Serbia)
Leiutajateküla Lotte – Janno Poldma (Estonia) & Heiki Eernits (Estonia) Film for children
Distributed by CLOROFILM ROMANIA (Romania)
Nos Dejaron El Muerto/La Caja – Juan Carlos Falcon (Spain)
Distributed by MCF MEGACOM FILM (Serbia)
Riparo – Marco Simon Puccioni (Italy)
Distributed by ORION INVEST FILM A.D (Serbia)
* “Non-Eurimages” Films:
Auf Der Anderen Seite – Fatih Akin (Germany)
Distributed by ART SERVIS (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Urmel aus dem Eis – Holger Trappe (Germany) Film for children
Distributed by EKRAN (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Organize Isler- Yilmaz Erdogan (Turkey)
Distributed by PRO FILMS (Bulgaria)
Elle s’appelle Sabine – Sandrine Bonnaire (France) Documentary
Distributed by VADI VAN KRIS LTD (Bulgaria)
Persepolis – Vincent Paronnaud (France) & Marjane Satrapi (France) Animation Film
Distributed by HULAHOP FILM & ART PRODUCTION LTD. (Croatia)
La Clef – Guillaume Nicloux (France)
Distributed by PA-DORA (Croatia)
Die Grosse Stille – Philip Groening (Germany) Documentary
Distributed by MOZINET LTD. (Hungary)
4 Luni, 3 Saptamani Si 2 Zile – Cristian Mungiu (Romania)
Distributed by CINEARS (Serbia)
TKKG – Das Geheimnis um die ratselhafte Mind-Ma chine – Tomy Wigand (Germany)
Distributed by KIDS FILM FEST (Serbia)
Goodbye Bafana – Bille August (Denmark)
Distributed by MIRIUS TUCK (Serbia)
Prater- Ulrike Ottinger (Germany) Documentary
Distributed by DOCUFACTORY GMBH (Switzerland)
La Habitacion de Fermat – Luis Piedrahita-Rodrigo Soperia (Spain)
La Fille coupée en deux – Claude Chabrol (France)
Distributed by BIR FILM ITHALAT (Turkey)
Since its establishment, EURIMAGES has supported 1190 European co-productions for a total amount of more than 352 million Euros.

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