UK Film Council Board Member appointment

The Department for Culture Media and Sport would like to invite applications for a board member of the UK Film Council.
Time Commitment:
1-2 days a month
Location of Meetings
The posts are unpaid. However, allowances of £209 per day may be claimed, plus travel and subsistence.
Duration of Appointment
Four years
Type of Appointment
This appointment is made by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.
The UK Film Council is the Government backed lead agency for film in the UK ensuring that the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are effectively represented at home and abroad. We receive annual grant-in-aid from DCMS (£24m in 2005-06) and income from the National Lottery to distribute (£21m in 2005-06).
In carrying our activities, we also oversee the work of the following funded partners:
* the British Film Institute – which promotes knowledge, understanding and development of art of film and TV in the UK;
* Skillset and the Skills Investment Fund – the Sector Skills Council for the Audio Visual Industries;
* the nine Regional Screen Agencies – who develop public access to film and the moving image at a local level;
* First Light – which funds and inspires the making of short films by young people;
The UK Film Council has a presence throughout the UK through its support for National Screen Agencies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the nine Regional Screen Agencies in England.
Our aims
Our overall goal is to help make the UK a global hub for film in the digital age, with the world’s most imaginative, diverse and vibrant film culture, underpinned by a flourishing, competitive film industry. Critical to delivery of our objectives is our ability to help:
* develop a competitive and sustainable film industry, built on creativity and skills;
* stimulate greater choice for audiences;
* encourage participation and opportunities for learning;
* promote the UK film industry to the wider world.
As well actively promoting – corporately and individually – the following core values:
* Advocacy and leadership – leading on issues where a single powerful voice reflecting properly considered views is most effective;
* Partnership and collaboration – working in partnership with Government, industry and the private, public and voluntary sectors in the UK and overseas;
* Competitiveness and enterprise – working with the grain of the market to stimulate competitiveness and enterprise, and to deliver sustainable development and best value;
* Diversity and inclusion – promoting social inclusion and celebrating diversity so that every citizen in the nations and regions of the UK has access to film culture, so that barriers to working in the industry are reduced;
* Excellence and innovation – encouraging excellence and innovation particularly through the use of new digital technologies;
* Transparency and accessibility – being open, transparent and accessible to stakeholders, industry and the public alike.
Our Board of fourteen Directors includes senior industry and public figures. It oversees the work of the UK Film Council and provides expert advice to Government on film policy.
Members are appointed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, and have between them a combination of knowledge and experience across all aspects of the film industry and film culture in the UK, experience of working at senior level in the public, private or voluntary sector – and a proven ability to succeed.
The Board is chaired by Stewart Till CBE.
The role
Along with the full range of responsibilities for shaping the future of the UK Film Council, the chief responsibilities for this member will be:
* advising the Council of current thinking and trends in Film making
* contributing expert advice on all elements of Film Directing and writing
The person
All candidates must be able to demonstrate:
* an understanding of the public policy context and the activities of the UK Film Council, plus a commitment to the Council’s goals,
* excellent skills in communication, representation, stakeholder management and team working;
* excellent intellectual and decision making skills.
In addition to these core criteria, candidates are expected to bring knowledge or experience the following areas:
* proven directing and writing experience and expertise in the fields of film and/or high-end television drama
* be passionate about and have an excellent understanding of the UK film industry.
* Have detailed understanding of and strong links with writers, directors, producers, actors and the wider creative community.
How to apply
Further details and an application form are available electronically or in hard copy. Please state which role you are interested in.
Please contact:
Danny Herbert
Public Appointment

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