You Are Oliver! The Three Winners

You Are Oliver! – The Three Winners
Gwion, Harry and Laurence were announced in tonight’s ‘I’d Do Anything’ programme as the three youngsters who will share the role in Cameron Mackintosh’s forthcoming stage production of ‘Oliver!’
From initial auditions attracting thousands of Oliver hopefuls through call backs, workshops and live shows the boys were whittled down to a final eight.
The final task for the boys was to perform the classic song Where Is Love from Oliver in front of both Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh. The theatre impresarios assessed their West End winning performances and made their decision on which three boys would grace the stage.
The three Olivers – Gwion, 11-year-old, from Carmarthenshire, Harry, 12-year-old, from Oxfordshire and Laurence, 11-year old, from Cheshire spoke about the moment they were told they had won.
Gwion said, ‘It was very nerve-wracking at first, waiting to find out and then, when I was told I was Oliver I was ecstatic! I couldn’t quite believe it and I thought I was dreaming. My mum gave me the biggest hug ever and I couldn’t breathe!’
Harry said, ‘When I found out I was incredibly excited and surprised. I had been dreaming of what it would feel like for so long and then it happened, I couldn’t believe it was for real. It didn’t sink in for a few minutes that I was actually going to be playing Oliver!
Laurence said, ‘It was completely overwhelming. I was ecstatic and it was the greatest feeling in my life ever! My mum couldn’t believe it and started crying then gave me a big hug and told me she was so proud of me, which made me cry too!’
Andrew said, ‘Cameron and I agree we have three very different Olivers, but I think it’s a great result and I think whichever Oliver you go and see you’re going to get a fantastic performance’.
Cameron said, ‘The talent we have unearthed has been terrific’.
The boys were chosen from the final eight Oliver semi-finalists – Chester, 12-year-old from Middlesex; Arthur, 10-year-old from Bristol; Kwayedza, 13-year-old from Kent; Alexander, 11-year-old from London, and Jonny, 13-year-old from Warwickshire
In tonight’s show all eight semi-finalists from the series sang Tomorrow from ‘Annie’.

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