Take part in Channel 4’s The TV Show, with after-show studio & gallery tour

C4’s The TV Show is looking for Audience Members!
Hi all,
I am writing to you from The TV show, a new programme for Channel 4, which gives you the viewers, a chance to discuss what has been on television over the past month.
Presented by Krishnan Guru Murthy, The TV Show is a monthly, pre-watershed, 30-minute live discussion programme in which members of the public debate what they have enjoyed and disliked on TV over the past month. The show will give viewers a chance to directly quiz programme-makers and broadcasters from C4 as well as other channels about their shows and the issues they raised.
Each programme will feature one or two debates on different TV related subjects in front of an audience of avid TV viewers. In addition to questions from the audience, the Show may also receive live telephone calls, emails and text messages from viewers and members of the public.
This is where we need you! We are currently looking for studio audience members for the next live studio show that will be live on Saturday 6th September. Also if you have any opinion on TV shows that you love or loathe then we would also love to hear from you.
We also hold a tour of the studio/gallery after the show, to give you the viewers the chance to see how live television works behind the scenes. If you are at all interested in the above or would like to hear more information then please call me Laura, on 0207 985 1720 or email thetvshow@princesstv.com.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards
Laura Smith

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