Documentary sparks hunt for Drama script

New breed of authors about to cash-in on American craze – as film industry embraces a new genre
Movie makers at the Venice Film Festival have been declaring the superhero is dead and the cowboy has long ago ridden into the sunset – the film world is looking for something new.
A cult documentary from the United States could be the answer to its dreams – but only because it has finally caught on in the UK – and with its popularity comes controversy.
The documentary – called The Secret – has never been on general release here or had widespread distribution in video rental stores – but it is estimated that it has been watched by more than a million Britons. It now has fans on both sides of the Atlantic making its themes more attractive to film producers.
They are now scouting around for the right script which tells a story incorporating Law of Attraction.
One author who has been approached is Kimberly Wickham, whose latest series of children’s books are the first to be published explaining the Law of Attraction philosophy to the under thirteens.
“I think the movie industry is anticipating that the ideas behind The Secret are gaining in popularity,” says Wickham, an American author who now lives in the UK.
“The movie industry is sensing a new trend with stories about the law of attraction. I have been talking to a number of independent film producers about my books in recent weeks.”
The Secret is a documentary style film which advocates a way of living based on a philosophy called the Laws of Attraction. It first gained popularity in the US when it was showcased by Oprah Winfrey. In the UK it received a frostier reception.
However, the movie is now being watched up and down the country at a series of private screenings being staged by fans. It is even being shown in exclusive London Hotels such as One Aldwych.
The film is also currently the biggest selling DVD on Amazon and is spawning a number of novels based on the philosophy.

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