Project Involve: New Wave Scripts announced.

Today, fifteen scripts have been selected as finalists for PI shorts. Alas, my scripts were not selected.

Reading the selected scripts, I could see that they bear the spirit of French New Wave cinema, something my scripts lacked.

The scripts are first drafts and require a great deal of re writing. Writers were given notes and were expected to deliver new drafts within a week.

Directors are asked to select up to three scripts and pitch to direct them. Pitch seasons will be held next week.

In preparing for our pitches, we were told to think about our overall artistic vision for the film, style and tone, and also more practical matters (things like location, budget, people we might want to work with, etc.) Basically the more clearly we can tell them about our overall approach to making the film, and why we want to make it, the better.

I’ve never directed someone else’s script and never thought I will ever do. But I am intrigued by this process, and after leafing through the scripts, I decided to pitch two, that I found to be visually appealing.

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