Project Involve: A night at Universal Studios

Fellows from Project Involve and other Film Independent labs were invited to Universal studio for a presentation and a Cocktail reception.

We were welcomed by Publicists and executives from NBC/Universal. Three executives took the stage and talked about Universal’s services and achievements. They offer 30 stages to use for shooting. “You can virtually shoot anything you want here,” one Executive said, “We have New York, Paris, the ocean, LA streets…infinite options.” They also said that they have everything you can imagine in their props’ warehouses.

They also demonstrated their postproduction services, from Sound to picture to special effects. Very impressive stuff!

“Don’t be put off by the fact that we are Universal.” They kept reiterating, “We want to work with new young talent, and we are ready to work with any budget. We want to form relationships with you guys, because we want you to come back to us when you make it big and not go to Warners.”

Universal are offering $1500 for each short project Involve. They encouraged us to sent a list of everything we need, and they promised to get it all for us.

After the presentation, we were lead to the Grill, where we were served a delicious dinner and cocktails. We also had the chance to talk directly face to face with Universal Executives. These guy are truly eager to work with us.

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