A new fund scheme for British Filmmakers

A brand new filmmaking scheme, iFeatures, is open for filmmakers across the UK. It aims to help the brightest Britain’s filmmaking talent make the leap to feature films.
iFeatures is a microbudget digital filmmaking scheme which has been developed by South West Screen with the support of BBC Films and Bristol City Council. It will see 3 full-length theatrical features developed and shot in Bristol over the next eighteen months.
Under the scheme, applicants have until December 8th to make their film submission ideas. 12 teams of three (writer, producer, director) will then be chosen for the first stage of development, to be overseen by experienced industry professionals and supported by Skillset and NESTA. Finally, three teams will be selected for their feature film ideas to be greenlit for production in summer 2010. The finished films will premiere in early 2011 with the BBC pre-buying UK TV rights.
For Application and more information, visit http://www.ifeatures.co.uk

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