Al Pacino honoured in Venice

Hollywood superstar, Al Pacino, received the “Glory to the Filmmaker” award for artists who have left mark on contemporary cinema on Sunday.
The Godfather star is in Venice with his latest directorial effort “Salome”, which apparently he is still unsure about its direction.
“I didn’t know where I was going with this, I’m confused,” he told reporters.
Based on Oscar Wilde’s play that tells the story of Salome and King Herod, Pacino’s Salome is a documentary and feature film melange, in which Pacino plays himself as he documents the challenges of making the film, the protagonist King Harod, and even Oscar Wilde. The rising star, Jessica Chastain inhabits the character of Salome.
One of the legends of cinema with eight Oscar nominations and one win to his name, Pacino revealed that he had made six movies, which remain hidden. Making those movies helped the theatre performer fall in love with cinema and become a better actor.
“As soon as I started making my own films, I actually became easier to on directors,” he explained.
His only released docudrama was “Looking for Richard” in 1996.
Commenting on his future, the 71-year-old actor said: “It’s blank.”
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