The new Charlies Angels TV show has been canceled

The new Charlies Angels TV show has been canceled

The new Charlies Angels TV show has been canceled

ABC has announced that the TV show Chalie’s Angels has been canceled and production has shut down due to the show’s poor rating.

Produced by Sony pictures, the show is a remake of the 70’s hit TV series, which was also reprised in a movie version in 2000.

Visiting the show’s set last month in Miami, the director and executive producer Marcos Siega told me that there was a parallel between this show and the 70’s hit TV series. “The new Charlie’s Angels is original with a modern twist,” he said.

“The mysterious Charlie sets up a mission and then sends the Angels to resolve it,” he added as he proudly demonstrated Charlie’s black, triangular communication box, that he used to deliver his orders to the angels.

Three young glamorous actress are portraying the new angels: Rachael Taylor plays blonde Abby, Annie Ilonzeh plays dark Kate and Minka Kelly plays brunette Eve.

The actresses trained with a S.W.A.T team 12 hours a day in martial arts, scuba diving, gun handling and close combat fighting before they began filming.

“Although we have stand-in stuntwomen, we try to do all stunts except risky ones, like being hit by a bus or falling off a ten-story building,” laughed Annie Ilonzeh, who was proud to play the first black Angel in the history of the show.

The new Angels said that they were not trying to fill the shoes of the original stars.

“We are trying to do something fresh and original,” stressed Australian-born Rachael Taylor.

Unfortunately, the new fresh, original approach hasn’t resonated with the TV audience. Since its premiere on Sept 22nd on ABS, the series barely inched up a tenth of a ratings point.

Thirteen episodes were scheduled to be filmed this season, but only seven have been shot.

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