The supernatural wins the superbowl weekend B.O.

The supernatural wins the superbowl weekend B.O.

The supernatural wins the superbowl weekend B.O.

Two modestly-budgeted, supernatural movies, Chronicle and Woman in Black, lead the US box office at the Super Bowl weekend, breaking the $20 million barrier.

Chronicle, a sci-fi thriller about a trio of teenage boys who acquire super powers, was directed by newcomer Josh Trank. The success of its release debut, with $22 million, was attributed to an aggressive TV marketing push and viral video advertisements, which had been effective in bringing in the young audience to theatre in droves.

The same crowd was also driven to theatre to see Woman in Black by the magical powers of its lead, Harry Potter himself, known in real life as Daniel Radcliffe. The horror, ghost flick, which was acquired by CBS for just $3 million from British financier Hammer Film Productions, scored 2nd place with $21 million.

Radcliffe plays a widowed lawyer, haunted by apparitions at the home of a dead client.

Last weeks champion, Liam Neesans The Grey, dropped 52%  to $9.5 million, which is quite impressive considering that a 100 million Americans were glued to their TV sets.

The true story of saving three whales trapped inside Alaskan ice, Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore, claimed the 4th spot with $8.5 million. Made for $40 million, the film failed to capture the same size of audience that flocked to see another aquatic mammal story, Dolphin Tale, which opened with $19.2 million last year.

Kate Beckinsales Underworld Awakening rounded out the top 5 with $5.6 million. The 3D vampire action film has amassed $54.4 million since its debut three weeks ago.

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