The Avengers continues to lead at the Box office

The Avengers continues to lead at the Box office

The Avengers continues to lead at the Box office

Marvels superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, continues to lead the box office for the third weekend in a row, grossing $55.1 million at the US box office. The sci-fi thriller broke another record by making a total of $457.1 million in the US box office in its first 17 days of release.

The Avengers, which features an ensemble of superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and Black Widow, continues to also dominate the international box office too, taking $56 million over the weekend. With a total worldwide earning of  $1.2 billion, the movie is now ranked number 4 of the all-time chart, behind only Avatar, Titanic, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

The comic adaptation also demolished the board-game adaption, Battleship, which was debuted this weekend with an embarrassing $25.3 million.

The action thriller follows a US navy battleship, under the command of a young officer (Taylor Kitch), fighting off an Alien invasion. Its Kitchs second failure in the box office, having starred in Disneys John Carter, which flopped earlier this year.

But unlike John Carter, which is yet to break even, Battleship, which cost $209 million to make, has already earned $226.8 million oversees, which lessen the damage of its dismal opening in the US.

Sacha Baron Cohens romp, The Dictator, which opened on Wednesday, took a decent $17.4 million, landing in the third place.

The comedy, in which Baron Cohen embodies the character of a Mideastern despotic leader, has topped the weekend box office in several countries including the UK And Australia, grossing $30.3 internationally.  The film cost $65 million to produce.

Tim Burtons Dark Shadows tumbled to the fourth place with only $12.8 million. The $125 million horror comedy, starring Johnny Depp, has collected $50.9 million in the US and $81.3 million internationally.

Another new comedy, What To Expect When Youre Expecting, claimed the fifth spot with $10.5 million debut. Costing $40 million to make, the film features an ensemble of stars including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Rock, who inhabit characters dealing with the anxieties of making babies.


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