A dark weekend for the box office

The Possession

The US box office suffered the worst box office revenue in years this weekend, bringing in less than $67 millions. Historically, business is light at the after labour day weekend, but such bad figures have not been seen since the weekend just after 9/11, when the revenue was $59.7 million.

There was not much change in the box office rankings, which saw horror film, The possession holding to number 1 with $9.5 million, totaling $33.3 since its release 10 days ago, and prohibition-era drama Lawless retaining no. 2 with $6 million, reaching $23.5 million cume in 10 days.

The third spot was claimed by a new release, The Words, which grossed a less-than-expected $5 million. Starring Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana, the film tells the story of a failing writer (Bradley), who strikes lucky when he finds an old manuscript in a bag he purchases in Paris.

The Expendables 2 landed in the fourth spot in the US box office with $4.8 million. The action sequel remained also strong in the international box office, taking in $12.3 million.

Another action sequel, The Bourne Legacy, captures the 5th spot, with $4 in the US box office. It was also ranked second overseas, with $13 million.

2 months after its release, The Dark Knight Rises is still crowning the international box office, collecting $13 million over the weekend and pushing its overseas gross to $603.4 million. Christopher Nolan’s last Batman installment was ranked 8 at the US box office, drawing $3.3 million. Its US total currently stands at $437.8 million.





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