Paranormal Activity 4 scares off competition at the US box office

Paranormal Activity 4

Horror sequel Paranormal Activity 4 shot to the top of the box office in the US and abroad with ease, scoring $30.2 million and $26.5 million respectively for a worldwide debut of $56.7 million. The low budget film has failed to match up to its predecessor Paranormal 3, which opened to $52.6 million in the US last year, but it ‘s still an enormous profit generator considering it cost only $5 million to make.

Critical darling, Ben Affleck’s political thriller Argo held to the second place, drawing $16.6 million for a domestic total of $43.2 million. It was followed by the 3D animation Hotel Transylvania, which took $13.5 million. The film was ranked 4 in the international market with $14.5 million for a total of $68.3 million.

In the meantime, Liam Neeson’s starrer Taken 2 dropped to the 4th place in the US and second overseas, earning $13.4 million and $23.6 million respectively. The thriller has grossed $301 million worldwide.

A new thriller Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry as the fabled Washington D.C. detective popularized in James Patterson’s book series, landed in the 5th spot with $11 million debut.

Animation movie Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, which has been playing overseas for 20 weeks, scored 3rd, eliciting $14.9 million, lifting its international total cume to $482.9 million.

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