Monsters University leads and World War Z surprises at the US box office

Monsters University topped the US box office

On a record-breaking June weekend, the US box office sizzled with $236 million. Leading the pack was Pixar’s 3D animated prequel Monsters University, which grossed $82 million domestically and $54.6 million internationally. It was the second best opening for a Pixar movie since Toy Story 3 in 2010, and it was the 14th out of 14 Pixar pictures to open number 1. The original, Monsters Inc was released in November 2001 and grossed $560 million worldwide. It also received several Oscar nominations.

The weekend surprise, however, was 3D World War Z, which had been predicted to flop, but instead the zombie pandemic epic  based on Max Brooks’ plague novel stunned with $66 million domestic total, the biggest opening for an original live action film since Avatar, and $46 million from only 30% of the international market, totaling $112 million worldwide. The results were a relief to Paramount studio, which invested over $190 million in the picture. Furthermore, the horror picture’s opening is the biggest for its star, Brad Pitt.

The staggering success of Monsters University and World War Z pushed last weekend’s champion, Man of Steel, to third place in the US, where it drew $41.2 million. But the the Superman reboot is still number 1 worldwide thanks to its lead in the international market where it took $89 million over the weekend. In just 11 days, the tentpole has amassed $188.3 million overseas and $210 domestically, reaching a worldwide total of $398 million.

The 4th spot was claimed by raunchy comedy This Is The End, which added $13 million to its coffers over the weekend, to a total of $57.4 million. Magic-themed thriller Now You See Me followed with $7.8 million, reaching a domestic total of $94.4 million. The picture also had an impressive opening overseas with $40 million. Its worldwide total stands at $134.4 million.