Box office: 2 Guns leads in the US and Smurfs 2 takes on the World

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in 2 Guns

Actioner 2 Guns led the US box office over the weekend, debuting to $27.4 million. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, the film follows two undercover agents as they pursue the Mexican drug cartel.

Last weekend’s box office champion, The Wolverine, dropped to the second spot in the US, drawing $21.7 million. It also dropped from first to third place in the international box office with $38.5 million. The “X-Men” spinoff’s global take since release is $255 million.

Live action-animation Smurfs 2, which opened Wednesday, claimed the third spot stateside, grossing $18.2 million over the weekend.  The sequel fared better overseas, where it bowed to $52 million, crowning it the weekend’s global box office winner with a total of $80.3 million, although it has missed the top spot in the international box office to Pacific Rim, which earned $53 million there thanks a $45.2 million weekend debut at  the Chinese box office. In contrast, the Robots vs Monsters was ranked 10th in the US, eking out only $4.6 million over the weekend.  It’s total gross currently stands at $200 million.

The Conjuring continued to perform well in the US as it settled in fourth place with $13.7 million over the weekend. The $20-million budget horror movie has reached a total gross of $108.6 million.

3D animation Despicable Me 2 landed in the fifth place domestically and 4th internationally, drawing $10.4 million and $13.8 million respectively over the weekend. The sequel has amassed $713.7 million worldwide since release.

Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, which was expanded from 6 to 50 screens, continued to blossom in the box office, adding $2 million over the weekend, marking a 230% jump.