Asi vs HFPA and Greg Geockner

May 11, 2022: Asi files a lawsuit against the HFPA, COO Greg Goeckner and crisis manager James Lee at California’s Superior Court.

June 16, 2022: HFPA releases only a portion of their investigation report, which clears Asi of sexual harassment but finds him guilty of antisemitism, and invites Asi to a hearing before sentencing him.

Jul 1, 2022: Asi submits a rebuttal to the investigators’ report and demands a public hearing. 

Jul 2, 2022: The HFPA rejects the request for a public hearing

Jul 5, 2022;  Asi sends a letter to the HFPA membership requesting a public hearing and attaches two letters of support from his Jewish friends: Letter 1 from DDA Tal Kahana, the daughter of late Israeli member, Yoram Kahana and Letter 2 from BBC colleague, Jason Korsner the son of the head of the Zionist Federation in Britain

Jul 6, 2022: The HFPA convenes behind closed doors.  Asi sends a letter to the HFPA board explaining the reason behind his absence 

Jul 14, 2022: HFPA lawyers reply to the lawsuit, denying all allegations against them.

Jul 19, 2022: HFPA files Anti-SLAPP Motion to strike Asi’s lawsuit. With supporting declarations from HFPA president Helen HoehneHFPA COO Greg Geockner, and lawyer Robert Ellison.

Aug 19, 2022: The HFPA demands a signed Stipulation and Protective Order in order to release Asi’s investigation report. Asi refuses to sign it.

Aug 23, 2022: The HFPA expels Asi 

Aug 25, 2022: Asi files a Motion for leave to obtain limited discovery re the anti-SLAPP motion, with his declaration

Aug 27, 2022: The HFPA closes all Asi’s accounts, including email, documents, photos, website…etc.

Sep 1, 2022: Goeckner files a declaration against deposing him, contradicting his first declaration.

Sep 7, 2022: The court postpones the hearing from Sep 30 to Dec 5, 2022

Sep 8, 2022: HFPA accuses Asi of deleting his emails before the closure of his HFPA account.

Sep 20, 2022: Asi responds to the email deletion accusations

Sep 30, 2022: HFPA claims ownership of Asi’s emails, including the alleged deleted ones they had apparently retrieved from the trash folder.

Nov 11, 2022: HFPA digs out an email exchange with publicist Tony Angelotti from Asi’s HFPA account and uses it to file a declaration in support of the anti-SLAPP motion. 

Nov 19, 2022: Asi files an opposition to the anti-SLAPP motion along with a personal declaration.

Nov 22, 2022: The HFPA files opposition to the discovery request alongside a declaration from lawyer Howell to justify their opposition

Nov 28, 2022: Asi responds to HFPA’s opposition to discovery, citing blatant inaccuracies and perjury. 

Nov 29, 2022: HFPA reacts to Asi’s opposition to their anti-SLAPP motion and dismisses many of his declaration’s claims as hearsay and irrelevant.

Dec 5, 2022: The court hears both sides

Dec 9, 2022: The court rules in Asi’s favor and denies the HFPA’s Anti-SLAPP motion

Feb 1, 2023: The HFPA appeals the LA Superior court ruling

Mar 3, 2023: Judge Stays Suit Pending HFPA Appeal of Earlier Ruling