Sharon Stone: I am too old to play another Basic Instinct – TV interview



In an interview for my BBC show, Alternative Cinema, Sharon Stone told me that she was too old to play another Basic Instinct. “I am older, I am 55 year-old. I’ll be playing mothers and this kind of characters.”

The Hollywood star also denied the recent reports that had appealed to young actresses to take off their clothes for sex scenes.

Stone has recently starred in the biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace, Lovelace, in which she plays the conservative mother. But soon she will be seen in Fading Gigolo, alongside Woody Allen and John Turturro, playing a sex-craved bisexual.

The interview airs on BBC arabic on Saturday 06 Oct 2013, 710 pm (UK Time), and repeated Monday and Thursday 10pm (UK Time).

Metallica: We don’t preach violence, religion or politics



On the eve of the release of their new movie, Metallica Through the Never, Metallica band members tell UK screen in an exclusive interview in San Francisco that they don’t preach anything in their music and their goal is only to entertain and connect with other like minded people.

Metallica Through The Never is a concert movie featuring many of the band’s hits and interspersed with the harrowing journey of their roadie, Trip (Dane Dehan), who is dispatched on an errand in a city raging with violence.

The band’s co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich rejected the notion that the violence in the film could inspire violence on the streets.

Matt Damon: Snowden did a great thing



Commenting on the CIA fugitive Edward Snowden in a TV interview I conducted for my BBC show, Alternative Cinema, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Matt Damon said that Snowden did a great thing. “If we are going to trade our civil liberties with our safety, then that is a decision we have to make collectively,” he remarked.

The full interview can be seen on BBC Arabic TV Saturday, 24th August at 7:06pm, Monday 10:10pm and Thursday 10:10pm (UK Time). It will also stream live on and will be available online to catch up on after its first broadcast.


Matt Damon played a CIA agent in several movies, including The Bourne series and The Good Shepherd.

His new movie, Elysium, has been released this weekend in the UK.

Ben Affleck talks politics: Argo, The Middle-East and Hollywood.(Video)



In this interview, I discuss with Ben Affleck his Golden Globe winning movie, Argo, which revolves around the rescue of 7 American, who took refuge at the Canadian Ambassador home, after their embassy was stormed by angry Iranian demonstrators in 1979.

Ben Affleck, who graduated from Harvard in Middle-Eastern studies, reflects on the state of the Middle-East these days and the US involvement there. He also comments on Hollywood’s portrayal of Arabs and Muslims in the movies.