Toronto -2 Ben Affleck, Ed Norton and 127 hours

8 am. Following a breakfast at Four Seasons hotel, the stars of the new Ben Affleck’s film “The Town,” marched one by one to talk about it. There was Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner Rebecca Hall, Blake lively and finally Ben Affleck himself.

All the actors talked about their characters in the film, acting career and their passion for acting, except Ben Affleck, who seems to be completely absorbed by his role as a director. Acting didn’t feature in his interview, instead he concentrated on his passion for directing and his dreams to direct more visually interesting films.

12 am. Lunch was served across the road at the Hayat Hotel, where we also had the pleasure to talk to the stunning Milla Jovovich and the enigmatic Edward Norton about their new film “Stone.”

I was surprised by the depth of Milla’s personality, though she admitted that she was affected by her role in the film, which has ignited deep thoughts in her mind about herself and the world around her. She also revealed some fascinating details about working with Robert Deniro and the role of sexual seduction in the film business.

Edward Norton looks and sounds like the characters he plays: enigmatic, thoughtful, calm and even spiritual. Oddly, he doesn’t see himself that way and claims that he is an empty guy, though he was flattered by the suggestion. I was truly impressed by his modesty.

Watch out for the interviews soon!

5 pm: I watched Danny’s Boyle’s new movie “127 hours”. It’s the real story of a climber who had to chop off his own arm after it was trapped between the canyon’s wall and a rock that fell on top of him as he descended the canyon. Boyle did a brilliant job capturing the desperation of the climber and made us viscerally sense his pain. It’s not for the faint hearted though. Some audience had the leave the theatre in order to eschew seeing some of the bloody scenes.

8 pm: I attended a dinner at The Windsor Arms Hotel, hosted by Harvey Weinstein, celebrating “The King’s Speech.” The director, the producers and the stars, including Colin Firth and Geaffrey Rush were in attendance, busily promoting the film.

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