Media uploads on UKSCREEN server

UKscreen would like to announce an increase of server space for showreel, music and film uploads to members.
Showreel uploads:
Now all members can upload a showreel in different sizes.
Verified member: up to 1 MB
Silver member: up to 2 MB
Gold member: up to 5 MB
Premium member: up to 10 MB
ExtraPremium member: up to 20 MB
SuperPremium member: up to 50 MB
All members can also link to 10 showreels with any size from the web to their pages.
You can upload your showreel on
Film uploads:
Member can now upload films with sizes up 40MB.
You can upload your film on
Member can upload 10 music tracks with sizes up to 3MB.
You can upload your music on
Please note that this is only a temporary measure, for we are now working on a new system with many exciting features that will give members far more control than the current one.
UKscreen team

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