Winner of Nokia Shorts 2006 Handset category revealed

– Winner of Nokia Shorts 2006 Handset category revealed –
A short film which takes the audience on a house tour with a criminal twist was announced as the winner of the Nokia Shorts 2006 Handset category at the Raindance Film Festival last night.
The film, directed by Andy Kinnear from Kent and Céin McGillicuddy from Bournemouth was screened, along with the other Handset category finalists, at the Raindance Film Festival throughout last week. Raindance, the UK’s premiere independent film festival, is the first UK festival to screen movies made entirely on a mobile handset.
Andy and Céin win an all expenses paid trip to the 2007 Cannes Film Festival where they can rub shoulders with stars of the film world. They also receive a Nokia Nseries handset to record their experiences on. The four runners up all receive a Nokia N73 handset.
The Nokia Shorts competition presents the ultimate challenge to up and coming film makers – to create a film lasting just 15 seconds. The competition has been running for four years and for the last two has included a dedicated category for movies made on a mobile handset – recognising the increasing popularity and scope of content made with mobiles.
Andy said: “We’re delighted to have won this award for our short, we had a lot of fun coming up with the idea and then filming it and are both really looking forward to our trip to Cannes next year.”
“Our congratulations go to Andy and Céin who have shown just how easy it can be to make a mobile movie,” said Anna Shipley, Communications Manager, Nokia UK. “Whether you have a background in film making or not, all you need is a great idea and your camera phone. We hope competitions like Nokia Shorts will encourage more people to experiment with filmmaking using their mobile device.”
“It’s great to see that someone with very little film making background has won this prize,” said Elliot Grove director and founder of Raindance. “Being able to create movies on mobiles really is contributing to the democratisation of film making and means it no longer has to be an expensive or exclusive art form – everyone can have a go.”
The Handset finalists were:
1. The Tour of the House – Andy Kinnear and Céin McGillicuddy
2. Sylvester’s Funeral – Scott Thomas Buckle
3. A Good Reason To Wear Sunscreen – Claudiu Voicu
4. A Wish – Loftus Hall
5. A Londoner’s Day – Olivier Soullard
Nokia Shorts 2006 was launched in July by award winning director Kevin Macdonald
(One Day in September; Touching the Void). The finalists in the main category will be announced in late October.

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