The Wolverine tops the US and International box office

Although it led the US box office with an estimated gross of $55 million over its opening weekend, the Wolverine failed to match up to the pre-weekend projections of $65 million. The 6th installment of X-Men fared better though overseas, delivering $86.1 million and capturing the top spot in 62 markets to become the franchise’s largest international opening.

The Wolverine, which cost under $120 million to make, is a superhero film, featuring the character Wolverine, who is played by Hugh Jackman. It follows the events of X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

Last weekend’s champion, The Conjuring, continued to perform well in the US box office and settled in the second place, adding $22.2 million to its coffers to  reach a domestic total of $83.9 million.

Animated picture, Despicable Me 2, claimed the third spot in the US and overseas, with $16 million and $24.5 million respectively. The 3D animation has so far amassed $306.4 million in the US and $354.5 million internationally.

It was followed in the US by a less fortunate animation, Turbo, which managed to eke-out $13.3 million over the weekend, pushing its domestic total to a $55.8 million.

Adam Sandler’s comedy, Grown Ups 2, remained in the charts, capturing the fifth spot in the US with $11.5 million. Its current total gross stands at $101.7 million.

Overseas, the Sony flop White House Down experienced a surge at the box office, thanks to its opening in China, where it collected $18.5 million over the weekend, elevating it to 4th spot. The thriller’s international gross stands at $45.6 million, making its global total $116.3 million.

Other major box office news was made by Woody Allen’s new dramedy Blue Jasmine, which scored $612, 767 in just six locations over the weekend, rendering it this year’s highest opening per screen. The film features Cate Blanchett playing a Upper East New York woman who moves to San Francisco and struggles to fit in society after losing her wealth.