23 November- 3 December, 2006
Whether you are an enthusiastic film-lover, or keen to awaken your senses to the cultural diversity that Latin American cinema has to offer, the fifth Discovering Latin America Film Festival brings together an eclectic mix of internationally acclaimed feature films, documentaries and short films, in London’s leading Latin American film festival.
The festival exhibits around 40 films from over ten countries, representing the best contemporary films from across Latin America. Several of these films will have their UK and London premieres at the festival, featuring Proibido Proibir Forbidden to Forbid) by Jorge Duran (Brazil, 2006), Madeinusa by Claudia Llosa (Peru, 2006), Habana Blues by Benito Zambrano (Cuba, 2005), Rosario Tijeras by Emilio Maille (Colombia, 2005), La Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) by Sebastian Campos (Chile, 2004), En la Cama (In Bed) by Matias Bize (Chile, 2004) and many more.
The documentaries programme will bring the UK premiere of Panico: Cult of Jodorowsky by Olayo Rubio (2005). An opportunity to see Pino Solanas latest work La Dignidad de los Nadies (The Dignity of the Nobodies) (Argentina, 2005) and worldwide acclaimed documentaries Estamira by Marcos Prado (Brazil, 2005) and Toro Negro (Black Bull) by Carlos Armella and Pedro Gonzalez- Rubio (Mexico, 2005)
The Film & Culture events sections will feature panels, retrospectives, interviews and Q&As coordinated by academics, journalists and members of the film industry. DLA welcomes Mexican director Arturo Ripstein to present a retrospective of some of his most representative films such as El Castillo de la Pureza (The Castle of Purity, 1972) Profundo Carmesi (Deep Crimson, 1996) and La Perdicion de los Hombres (The Ruination of Men, 2000). The second of the series section entitled Latin America Through European Lens will be dedicated to the work of Luis Bunuel in Mexico this year. This will include a panel discussion with Arturo Ripstein, Emilio Maille (director of the documentary A Mexican Bunuel) and Minister of Mexican Cultural Affairs Ignacio Duran at the Tate Modern.
A homage to Cuban director Gutierrez Alea (10 years without Tomas Gutierrez Alea) will include three of his key films Memories from Underdevelopment (Memorias del Subdesarrollo, 1968), Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate, 1994) and Guantanamera (1995) with legendary Cuban actress Mirta Ibarra invited as a special guest for interviews and Q & A’ sections.
The festival will take place from 23 November to 3 December, 2006 at Odeon Covent Garden and Panton Street, Tate Modern, Ritzy and Everyman cinema club in Hampstead. From this year, the festival introduces an Audience Award for the feature films section. All the proceeds from this year’s edition will support CREA Panama (UK registered charity 1096295).
Please visit the website for more details on the film festival at:
About Discovering Latin America:
Discovering Latin America is a UK-based charitable organisation (reg. no. 1106705) formed by 100 volunteers from 23 different countries, including: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, England, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Peru, Spain and Venezuela.
Discovering Latin America was founded in August 2002 with the aim of promoting Latin American culture worldwide and raising funds to finance development projects in the region.

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