UK Film Council and BFI could be merged

A proposed merger, designed to protect the key existing functions of both the BFI and UKFC while reducing gaps and overlaps, is now being considered by Government and industry leaders.
UKFC was set up in 2000 to support film and the film industry in the UK. BFI has existed since 1933; it celebrates film culture and cares for the British film heritage.
The overall remit of the BFI and UKFC will not be reduced. The proposal is for a streamlined organisation, which can spend more of its money on film and services and less on infrastructure, and in turn offer better support for Britain’s film culture and promotion of its film industry. Its remit would span securing investment across the sector, steering the industry through the transition to digital, championing the cultural importance of the UK’s film heritage and guaranteeing that the full diversity of film culture is available to all.
Tim Bevan CBE, Chairman of the UK Film Council, said:
“I welcome this idea and I’m keen to work closely with the BFI and the DCMS over the autumn to make it happen.”
Greg Dyke, Chair of the BFI, said:
“The BFI is in good shape and having a very successful year, but we welcome this move if it enables us to further develop our potential to provide a better service to the public. We look forward to working with DCMS and the UK Film Council over the coming months to explore this opportunity.”
A project board, chaired by DCMS and with equal representatives from the BFI and UKFC will now look at the proposal to develop a possible new model and governance structure. While it is expected that the creation of a new body for film, with a clear line of accountability and a single Board would mean efficiency savings, the primary objective is to improve the service to film, by reducing gaps in provision and areas where activity is currently duplicated by the two bodies. The project board will consider the practical and legal issues that would need to be resolved before such a merger could take place. It is expected to complete this analysis before the end of the year.

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