Toront -3: Colin Firth, Javier Bardem…

9 am: An interview with Andrew Garfield
Andrew has recently starred in the British film, Never Let Me Go, alongside Carry Mulligan and Kira Knightly. This young, solemn and articulate actor rose from relative obscurity to the Hollywood forefront after he was picked up to play Peter Parker in Spider-Man. He humbly attributed his success to mere luck, for he believes that his colleagues, who are still struggling to break in the industry, are better actors than he is.

10 am: An interview with James Franco
James Franco (Spider-Man, Milk) is the star of Danny Boyle?s ?127 hours,? in which he played real life character, Aron Ralston. Somehow he was struggling in expressing himself and articulating his thoughts, a problem that many American actors suffer from. Anyway, He said that he and Boyle?s took a creative liberty to color Aron?s character with their own experiences in making the movie.

11 am: An interview with Colin Firth
Colin is an eloquent and a profoundly intelligent actor. It was a delight meeting with and listening to him. Unlike many of his peers, his interests transcend the characters he portrays, partly thanks to the rich life he leads. I was surprised to hear that the man, whose roles have defined the classic Englishman, felt rootless, instead of being just an Englishman. The 50-year-old actor said that he enjoyed his older age because it had enabled him to play characters with a past and hence more depth, rather than characters battling with the anxiety of young age. His new film, The King?s Speech, is making headlines in this year’s festival, prompting some to describe it as the new Slumdog Millionaire.

12 am: An Interview with Geoffrey Rush
This sixty-year-old, Austrian actor talks with vigour and excitement about his role as the Australian speech therapist in ?The King?s Speech.” He also offered some insight into his his acting career and his relationship with other Australian actors, notably Mel Gibson.

After Lunch

1 pm: An interview with Javier Bardem
This Spanish Oscar-winner is endowed with the voice and the look that justify his status as the hottest actor in the Spanish-speaking world. He was reticent about his private life and eschewed any questions about his newly-wedded wife, Penelope Cruz. But he talked at length about his new movie, Biutiful, and the way it has changed his life.

2 pm: An interview with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
This Mexican director, who brought us thrillers such as ?Amores Perros? and ?Babel?, is back with ?Biutiful,? a film about the hardship of immigration in Spain. He revealed that the ideas of his movies were sparked by his own life experiences. Shockingly, in spite of living of the US for 9 years, he still goes to Tijuana every 6 month in order to renew his US Visa. Furthermore, he is subjected to hours of interrogation by the US immigration every time he re enters the US.

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