James Franco laughs off his Oscars critics

In his first interview since he co hosted the Oscars show,  James Franco has told me this morning that singling him out as the cause of the abysmal performance at January’s show is short-sighted.

Critics accused him of being sloppy and unprepared. Some even suggested that he was under the influence of drugs. “I felt confident as a performer,” he stresses. ”Looking back at it I don’t know how could I’ve done it differently. I didn’t have a low energy; I was as good as I could.”

The “127 hours” star also regretted posting a mocking photo of screenwriter, Bruce Vilanch, who worked as a writer on 22 Oscar ceremonies, on Twitter.

“I made a mistake,” he smiles. ”I messed up with Twitter. But I responded quickly and we have made up. But no one bothered to report that.”

Like the rest of the world, Vilanch had blamed the Show’s failure squarely on Franco’s poor performance, telling the press that he had arrived too late to the pre show rehearsals.

Last December, the 32-year-old actor, along with actress Anne Hathaway, was picked up by the Academy to host the 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony in order to attract the young generation.

But not only did the show suffer a decline in its telecast rating, it was also decried as the worst in the Oscar’s history. While Hathaway escaped the wrath of the critics, Franco was mercilessly savaged.

Looking fresh and ebullient, the Oscar nominee, who is busy studying for a Master in Literature at Yale, arrived today to promote “Your Highness,” a comedy he is co-starring with Natalie Portman and Danny McBride.


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