Is Russell Brand Wise or Mad?

The formerly unheard of UK comedian turned worldwide star Russell Brand recently sat down to speak with Husam Asi about spirituality, women, and sex amongst other things.

During the interview, Brand speaks of his childhood and insists that his aptitude for comedy does not come from his family or his upbringing, but from having no friends as a child and watching loads of comedic television on BBC before he began performing at small venues around his hometown of Essex.

“People were laughing at me as long as I can remember. they laughed at the stuff I said, the stuff I did and things I thought, even when I weren’t trying to control it. That’s when it’s weird to be a comedian: You notice people laugh at you and you don’t even mean it.”

Brand talks about his comedy and how being married to pop star Katy Perry has changed him in the full article that can be found here:

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