Jodie Foster: Actors Can’t be Made

A movie star since the age of 3, Jodie Foster is nothing like most of her contemporary Hollywood starlets. In every day t-shirt and jeans and no make-up on her face, Foster relies on her sharp wit and intelligence to charm her audience.

In a recent interview with’s Husam Asi, Foster talks about how she relates to some of her more solitary characters.

“There’s something about a singular journey on film that I find really compelling as an actress. And the characters I play deal with fear. I really can’t explain that.”

Foster goes on to talk about how she lives with the fear of loneliness and how she inherited the trait from her mother.

To read more about Foster’s family life growing up and find out her take on embattled The Beaver costar, Mel Gibson, check out the full article on UkScreen or go directly to the article by clicking the link below.

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