Hunger Games continues to devour the box office

Hunger Games continues to devour the box office

Hunger Games continues to devour the box office

For the third consecutive weekend, the action movie The Hunger Games, remained in the lead at the US box office, adding $33.5 millions to its coffers. The adaptation of Suzanne Collins novel, which cost $78 million to make, has now collected $302.8 million in the US and Canada and $460 million globally.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games tells the story of a young girl forced to participate in a TV really show, where she has to fight for her life.

Trailing behind was American Reunion, the fourth entry of the raunchy American Pie teen comedy franchise, which opened with $21.5 million.  Roughly 61% of its weekend audience was older than 25, suggesting that the film found appeal mostly among a crowd familiar with the American Pie series,  which was debuted in 1999, and followed by 2 subsequent sequels, grossing over $200 million worldwide.

James Camerons 3D re-release of historical romance, Titanic, settled in the 3rd spot with only $17.4 million. The 11-time Oscar winner was the highest grossing film of all times with $1.9 billion, until it was defeated by another Camerons movie, Avatar, which has collected a whopping $2.8 billion.

The fourth place was claimed by the fantasy sequel Wrath of The Titans, followed by the retelling of Snow White fable, Mirror Mirror.

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