Hunger Games continue to reign the US box office

Hunger Games continue to reign the US box office

Hunger Games continue to reign the US box office

For the fourth straight week, Hunger Games remains solidly in the top of the US box office through the weekend, adding another $21.5 to its coffers. The last film to top the box office for four weekends was Avatar, which had seven weekends number one run). So far Hunger Gamess earning has totalled over $337 million placing it in the top 25 box earners in North America.

The second place was claimed by the Farrelly brothers slapstick update of the classic TV show The Three Stooges, which had better-than-expected $17.2 million debut. Experts predicted less than $10 million in box office.

The well-reviewed horror entry The Cabin In The Wood landed in the third place with $14.85 million.

Meanwhile, James Camerons 3D re-release of Titanic held the fourth spot, adding another $11.625 million to its impressive bank account, totalling $645.2 million in the US and $2.03 billions internationally. The only other movie to break the $2 billion barrier is Camerons Avatar, which accrued $2.8 billion.

The comedy sequel American Reunion made $10.6 million, landing it in the 5th spot. Since its release 10 days ago, the film has taken $40 millions in the US.

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