Think Like A Man Tops US Box Office

Think Like A Man Tops US Box Office

Think Like A Man Tops US Box Office

Dating Comedy Think Like A Man beat predictions, earning double pre-release projections with $33 million on its debut weekend. Based on Steve Harveys best-selling book, the film follows the romantic interactions between men and women as they pursue each other. It was made for only $12 million.

The second place was claimed by Zac Efrons drama The Lucky One, which also delivered a better-than-expected earning of $22.8 over the opening weekend. The film tells the story of an Iraq war veteran (Zac Efron), who upon his return home goes searching for an unknown woman in a photograph that he found in the battlefield.

The Hunger Games, which had reined the box office for consecutive four weeks, dropped to the third spot, taking $14.5 million. The sci-fi film has so far grossed nearly $357 in the US and $573 millions worldwide.

Disneys nature documentary Chimpanzee landed in the fourth spot with $10.2 million, followed by The Three Stooges, which took $9.2 million in its second weekend in theatres. 

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