The Brave braves its way to the top of the box office

The Brave braves its way to the top of the box office

The Brave braves its way to the top of the box office

For the 13th time, a Pixar picture has scored no. 1 in the US box office with the debut of The Brave, grossing $66.7 million over the weekend. Overseas though, it had a modest opening in 10 markets with a total of $13.5 million, which probably was due to the European football games.


The Pixar animated tentpole, which features a female heroine for the first time, is a fairy tale about a rebellious princess in medieval Scotland, who recourses to magic in order to dissuade her mother from forcing her to get married. The film is voiced by British talent including: Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson and Billy Connolly.


Dreamworks animation Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, which ruled the US box office in the last couple of weeks, dropped to 2nd spot with $20.2 million, albeit it remained on top of the international box office, drawing $20.2 million from 44 territories. The picture has grossed $157.6 million domestically and $208.4 million internationally since its release.


Another new release, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, soft landed in the third spot in the US box office with $16.5 million. Opening in 17 markets overseas, it took only $8.1 million.


Directed by Timur Berkmambetov and produced by Tim Burton, the horror movie features the storied US president as a vampire hunter and attributes his military victory in the civil war to his hunting skills, as he beats the vampires who were fighting with the south against his troops.


Ridley Scott’s Prometheus continued to occupy the 4th spot with $10 million, followed by Snow White and the Huntsman with $8 million.


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