Ted laughs all the way to the top of US box office

Ted laughs all the way to the top of US box office

Ted laughs all the way to the top of US box office

Seth MacFarlane’s R-rated comedy Ted bowed to a massive $54 million, cementing its No 1 position at the US box office over the weekend.


Starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, Ted tells the story of a teddy bear, Ted, who turned from an inanimate cuddly toy into a foul-mouth, drug-taking, obnoxious one. The film hasn’t yet opened overseas, except in Australia where it made an impressive $4.5 million.


Another R-rated dramedy about male strippers, Magic Mike, debuted in the second spot with a better-than-expected earning of a whopping $39.2 million.


Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film is inspired by actor Channing Tatum’s early career as a performing male stripper in Florida clubs. Tatum stars in the movie, alongside Matthew McConaunghey, and British actor Alex Pettyfer.


Last week’s champion, Pixar’s The Brave dropped to the third place with $34 million. The animated pic has also earned $6.7 million overseas, putting its worldwide total at a pleasing $158.7 million.


Things were different overseas, because none of the US debuts has played there yet. Instead, Ice Age: Continental Drift opened the international box office with a staggering $78 million, easily taking no. 1 over the weekend.


The Amazing Spider-Man was not far behind in the second spot, drawing $50.2 million, with only a limited release. The Sony blockbuster opens in the US this week.


Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted landed in the third spot with $16.2 million in its fourth round overseas, lifting its foreign gross to $244.2 million since opening on June 6.



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