Johnny Depp is not far from quitting acting

It seems that Johnny Depp is disenchanted with acting.

He has revealed to BBC Breakfast that he may be close to quitting acting, saying that he was “probably not too far away from his last picture.”

The Hollywood star, who is famed for roles in Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood and The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, expounded : ”At a certain point you start thinking. When you add up the amount of dialogue that you say per year and you realise that you’ve said written words more than you’ve had a chance to say your own words, you start thinking about that as an insane option for a human being.”

The 50-year-old is in the UK promoting his latest picture, “The Lone Ranger,” which has flopped in the US box office. In a recent interview with UKscreen, he said that he had made the film because he wanted to redress the injustice the American Native Indians had suffered for centuries.

During his 3-decade career, Depp has been nominated for three Oscars for his roles in Sweeney Todd, Finding Neverland, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Depp went on to  say that he wanted to do “quieter things,” but added “I wouldn’t say I’m dropping out any second, but I would say it’s probably say it’s probably not too far away.”