Toronto 1 –

I rushed to Marriott Yorkville hotel, where I checked in and dropped my packages. In my room, I found a gift bag from Warners, welcoming me in Toronto. It was nice, but I didn’t’t have time to open it, for I had a screening to catch.

I arrived at the screening 30 minutes late, nonetheless, I managed to get a taste of the film. It’s an intense psychological thriller about a correctional officer (Robert Deniro) seduced by the wife (Milla Jovavovich) of a convicted arsonist (Edward Norton) who is up for parole.

It’s a dark film, packed with violence, sex and troubled souls. The performances were impressive, so I was looking forward to discussing it with Edward Norton and Milla Jovavovich tomorrow.

After the screening, I headed back to Marriott, where I was warmly welcomed by my fellow HFPA members, whom I haven’t seen for three months.

At 7 pm, we were loaded into a bus and driven to the watch “Let me in,” a remake of a vampire Swedish film. I am not a big fan of Vampire movies, and this film hasn’t changed that.

“Let me in,” is supposedly a love story between a 10-year-old, lonely boy with a 12-year-old vampire girl. Unfortunately, they’re so much gratuitous blood and gore in the film that it looses any heart-warming romance. Nonetheless, the kids’ performances, the photography and direction are quite impressive.

Thereafter, we were bussed to a glitzy restaurant, where we had a delicious 4-course dinner.

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